Edit video : on your mobile with a high professional touch using this spectacular app


Best : Editing video on your mobile with a high professional touch using this spectacular app

Best and precious moments of life are captured in the form of photos and videos nowadays. Majority of people are in the lookout for the best video editing software. Here is such a stunning app which you have been seeking all these years. It has the ability to edit videos with a highly professional touch on your IOS or Android smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

This free video editing app named ‘VN Video Editor Maker’ is easy-to-use app which doesn’t have watermarks or other catches. This app is beneficial for all sorts of editing for many of today’s video content needs.

It is a HD video editor as well as video maker with all pro features. This app which is simple and powerful is beneficial to both beginners and professional users at the same time. Top movie maker, HD pro video editor with music enables you to capture the moment and cut. The videos created through this app can be shared to social networking sites very easily and help you to gain many followers.

Powerful editing feature and quick importing of video materials will help to make your editing perfect. Beginners can easily start using this app and create satisfactory videos. This app can be used by professional videographers for their editing needs as well. There is no doubt that this app will help you to create high quality videos and you can share it with your friends and gain their appreciation.

Key specs of the app:

• It supports multiple pictures and videos
• It saves draft automatically
• Voice recording
• Full screen preview mode
• You can import your own media

Special effects:

• Curve shifting
• It has over 50 movie-sensitive filters
• Filter adjustment
• 9 built-in transition modes
• Reverse and zoom functions
• Key frame animation
• 19 different animation presets
• Picture-in-picture mode

Story mode:

• Text effects
• Subtitle effects
• Multiple font styles
• Adjustable material duration


• Custom export settings
• It supports 4k and 60fps
• Save and export locally

Striking features of the app:

• Humanized Interactive Interface

Accurate Editing

Users can smoothly import video to this amazing app with user-friendly editing interface. It is very easy to zoom with your fingers. You just have to select the key frame accurately that needs to be cut in 0.05s.

Delete and Sort

Users can swipe upwards and downwards to delete the clip; long press clips to drag and swap the sort. It supports multiple pictures and videos put together into the video without any limitation of duration.

Draft Save

This app automatically saves each step for you and enables you to continue editing unfinished video anytime, anywhere during the editing process.

Convenient Recording

Humanized voice recording interaction, easy to record narration to make video more appealing.

Full Screen Preview

It is easy to preview your work during the editing process.

Special effects:

Curve Shifting

This app supports curve shifting, which is easy to achieve the effects of video speed. 6 preset curves are provided for your reference.

Filter Adjustment

More than 9 types, 50 kinds of movie-sensitive filters are available in the app. Users can adjust the filter parameters by themselves to achieve colour tone of their choice.

Transition Effects

More than 9 built-in transition modes to choose are being provided by the app.

Reverse & Zoom

The Reverse function of the app makes video more entertaining. 6 zoom modes are available to choose.

Key Frame Animation

By adding key frames to text, stickers, videos and other materials, users can create accurate animation effects easily. 19 ‘animation’ presets are available for the users to achieve cool video effects.


You can add your own videos, photos, stickers, and keyframe animations to make your videos typical and stand out.

Free to Import Materials

The app supports importing music, sound effects, fonts, and stickers through AirDrop and Wi-Fi. You can meet your needs easily for standard video creation.

Music Beats

Users can add music beats on the music track to make video more rhythmic.

Multiple Tracks

It supports adding multiple music and sound effects.

Creative Template

Customized Template
Create music and video template to make cool rhythm video.


To write a story based on script thinking, you can use ‘Default Story’ or create ‘My Story’. You can also add pictures and videos to your story, and take few easy steps to create your Vlog.

Text Effects

Users can customize animations with keyframes or presets to make their subtitles more catchy.

Subtitle Type

The app contains wide variety of subtitle types, and the text size, position and rotation angle are easily adjustable.

Font Style

It has more than 10 fonts and 40 colours built in. It supports transparency adjustment, and users are free to choose from a variety of styles.

HD Quality Video

It has custom export settings.
Customize resolution and frame rate. Support 4K resolution and 60 fp/s and save locally.

HD Sharing

It supports video sharing to various social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Features for professional editors:

• Multi-layer timeline
• Curve speed
• Green Screen/Chroma key
• It supports multiple soundtracks and adjusts the duration
• Users can add their own music into the app
• Users can mark the music rhythm
• You can create instantly with BeatsClips
• It has stunning video effects
• More transitions between video footages
• It supports exporting LUT filters
• It has powerful subtitle tool
• You can add title slides, text overlays in the timeline
• Users can change font, colour and size of subtitles
• Users can adjust the subtitle duration
• You can save your original videos to your camera roll

Quick sharing video option to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites with an app code.

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